It’s about the design, not the photo shoot

Breathe, look up, smile, look at the camera, relax. Are you kidding, I’m tight like I’m staring down an angry dog, okay I’ll shake it off, I’ll take a long yoga breath, okay, now I’m relaxed like there’s a snake in the grass, I hate being a poser. Here, what do you think of this one? Holy moly I can’t look that bad. In the mirror, sucking my stomach in, pulling up, I can put one or two inches on my resting height, with a twist, peering over my shoulder I look good, as good as I can now, not as good as I looked years ago but then no one does. It’s not just age that distorts, pictures distort, you know that, right? You look fine, you should model your own designs, they are made for you. I know you mean fine/okay not fine/chic.

But I love my designs enough to endure a photoshoot, oh I love them more than one lousy photo shoot, I love them so much I dream about them, sketch them, wrangle the details, knit them, write down the instructions, dream some more, knit once, twice, five or six times, edit the instructions, knit again and again and if I still love them I publish them so you can buy the patterns and knit them for yourself, I love seeing photos of you in my designs. We are beautiful.

Lately I have become interested in useable art/design/knitting. I love knitting and felting (shrinking) mandalas. I am felting yarn to make carpets and dog beds. Joni and I designed some beautiful blankets and shawls. When we bought the Lodge a whole shelf full of old bedding came with it. Pink, blue, pale yellow and green, not my palette. But my Green self said don’t dye it. Use it just as it is. So then was birthed my newest fixation of knitting blankets and rugs out of ripped bedding. I never know where I’m going next but I love every minute of my knitting life.