Madison Olsen and Nate Harris at the 3rd Annual Indigenous Music Festival
photos by Colin Smith Takes Pics

I have been searching for words. I missed the concert. I wish I could have heard the sound of their voices but I smile when I look at the pictures. At first the only word that came to mind was joy. They feel it. Even their photos are making a joyful sound.  

These are my kids—Nate, my best friend and sister-in-law Diane’s grandson, and Madison, my granddaughter.  

Diane passed away last year, but she is smiling as well. Her word is medicine.  

I know because she used to say to me, “Tell Madison I love her. Tell her to never stop singing. Nate too. I tell him all the time. These kids and their music are our medicine.”  

“It makes my heart feel good,” she would say with her hands on her chest.  

If Diane were here, we would talk about how joy is good medicine.  

The 3rd Annual Indigenous Music Festival was the first time Madison and Nate performed together but it won’t be the last.  

A special thanks to Colin, the photographer. Your art is joy. And good, good medicine.