Meet Jack James Hastings. He’s my eight-year-old grandson. Like every grandson Jack is a special little boy so grandson stories are ubiquitous. But this one is really worth a read.

Two months ago Jack phoned me “Grandma,” he said. “I’m going into business and I’m wondering if you would like to invest in it. I am going into the egg business. I am going to buy 40 chickens. I cashed in the cans and bottles I’ve been collecting and with my birthday money I’ve been saving I have $105.00. I need about $100 more to buy the chickens and fix the pen.”

It’s not a direct quote but, I kid you not, that was his spiel.

“Of course I’ll invest but I need a full business plan. I want to make sure that you’ve thought of everything and that the $100 is enough and that you won’t be coming back for another loan right away.”

“Great,” he said. “I’ll phone you back later.”

He phoned back after a few minutes. He had already done a plan. He read off all the expenses, along with his projected revenues as well as two commercial customers who had already placed standing orders.

“The only other thing I will need is solar panels. The chickens will need light to lay. But I’ll get them later.”

So Tex and I knew what to give him for his 8th birthday—solar panels.

The chickens are Jack’s responsibility. 100%. Every morning before school. Every evening after supper. Jack buys their food (more bottle collection), feeds them, cleans their pen, talks to them, found out that one was a rooster and another is now a mommy. He gets tired of the daily grind but the anticipation of eggs keeps him going.

Last week I got another call.

“Grandma, guess what!”


“I went out to feed the chickens this morning and guess what I found? The first egg!!! Pretty soon, when all the chickens are laying, I’ll start paying off the loan.”

I didn’t make that part up.

A very important egg